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Published on: August 14th, 2016

David Cullen Video

Like many of you I have seen video rise in recent years to being one of the best marketing tools available today.  The rise of you tube stars such as Casey Neistat and Shaun Duris are just two example of how interested the world has become in video.  If you are not familiar with these guys they are worth having a look at.

But how else can video be utilised on the web and how can it benefit your business?  well if you think back to the days of TV advertising when it was cost prohibitive to ever even contemplate running a TV advert unless you where Tesco or Coca Cola.  However now with social media and digital marketing this forum is now open to all.  It is so important that companies are now spending more on social media and internet video marketing than on TV.

I would recommend watching Casey Neistats guide to filming (click here) this is a good start on the basics of what is required to start making your own videos.  You do not require any type of fancy equipment in most cases a simple smartphone will suffice or an entry level go pro camera.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your videos short and simple, anything above 90 seconds is too long and people will lose interest, especially if you are trying to promote something.  I refer back to TV adverts most of these are 90 seconds or less and have a simple yet captivating messages and more often than not give an e-mail or web address at the end of the video.

We are currently working on a series of guide videos on how to build a website from scratch and will be offering these videos free on our youtube channel to any one who wishes to avail of them.  They will cover everything from domain name registration to hosting and the do’s and don’ts of google search engine marketing as well as social media marketing.

One of our favourite uses for video as a company is the use of after sales training videos,  this allows us to provide customers with unlimited access to training materials that are catered specifically to their needs and website.  These videos have greatly reduced the need for onsite after sales training and the feedback from all our clients has been very positive.

So take some time and start experimenting with video for your website or social media and remember you do not always get it right first time but practice makes perfect.