About Our Company


Who We Are

A small yet talented team of 5 web designer and developers from across Northern Ireland, we each bring our own unique and sometimes quirky approach to the web design world.

Our Mission

To boldly go where no web design company has gone before. But mostly to help get the thousands of Northern Ireland based business without websites, promoting there services online.

Our Vision

Belfast has hundreds of amazing web design companies and we just want to be the one standing out from the crowd with our own unique and innovative approach to web design.

How We Came To Be

How We Came To Be

Our story is not as exciting as most but its also a simple one.  The company was formed in 2013 by Paul McNicholl and who can regularly be found at the Centra shop in Stranmillis stocking up on Red Bull and Doughnuts.  We began offering web design and photography services exclusively to the church market and still have a large collection of these customers still with us today.  There was a clearly identifiable need for a company to help churches to bring themselves online and this proved a very successful business model allowing us to grow from a 1 man team to 3 man team and a not so fancy but practical office.

Fast forward 18 months and Artisan Web realised that there was an ongoing demand for commercial web design and digital marketing services Northern Ireland and of course further afield.  In an ever-changing market, we discovered that WordPress specifically appeared to be the platform of choice for most business we spoke with.  Of course, we where no strangers to the platform having worked with it since the beginning.

Fast forward another 18 months and our team grew again, but by this time we had developed some innovative process and what we believe is a unique approach to the design and development of websites for the modern business.  The thought process for building websites became more about the users and their needs as well as increasing security, mobile responsiveness, and page load speeds.  We are continually looking for new ways to innovate and bring new ideas to the industry benefiting not just Artisan Web but you as a potential customer or better yet a potential user.

Our Design and Development process

01. Analysis

The first phase is always about gathering information – identifying the purpose of your website, its goals and your target audience.

02. Planning

This is where we create the sites information architecture, and rough wireframe designs

03. Design

We use this phase to create proper wireframes, decide visual stylings and of course look at usability such as the UI and UX

04. Content

This is where you come or perhaps a professional copywriter or photographer, here we look at what text, images and or video will be used

05. Development

Here we create the website using HTML, CSS, PHP and JAVASCRIPT with some help from databases as well and of course ensure its mobile responsive.

06. Testing

The testing phase is a very important phase, here we test the websites code, mobile responsiveness and browser compatibility to ensure it fulfils its purpose.

07. Deployemnt

This is when we activate the website online using our highly secure deployment method as well as implement Analytics, webmaster tools and sitemaps. We also submit the website to all major search engines for indexing

Meet Our Team

Blane Early - Developer

Paul McNicholl

Managing Director

Blane Early - Developer

David Cullen

Project Manager

Blane Early - Developer

Daniel McFarland

Lead Developer

Blane Early - Developer

Blane Early