August 08, 2017

What Set Us Apart From Other Web Design Companies

In my industry I am often asked what makes us different from the other Web Design Companies. After all there are countless web design companies out there and in Belfast alone there are close to 300. The answer is simple, we build everything from... Read more »

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January 11, 2017

Google Security Protocols & What it Means for your website

The time is now upon us and google has now started to roll version 56 dubbed the SSL version. Why is this important to you as a company? Well simply put it means your site will be indicated as not secure by google. For the time being, however, this... Read more »

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August 14, 2016

Video & The Internet

Like many of you I have seen video rise in recent years to being one of the best marketing tools available today.  The rise of you tube stars such as Casey Neistat and Shaun Duris are just two example of how interested the world has become in video.... Read more »

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July 01, 2016

The Power of WordPress

sAs a web developer I often hear peoples opinion on certain platforms even if I didn’t ask.  Personally I love the WordPress platform purely because it is easy to use and it is open source. For those of you who do not know what open source means... Read more »

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June 26, 2016

What The EU Referendum Means For Your Business

Like most people I awaited the results of the recent EU referendum with bated breath.  The business world knew that if a leave vote became a reality it would send shockwaves through the financial community.  Now the nightmare is real and as a business... Read more »

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March 24, 2016

Web Security

The most common issue we seem to be facing recently as a web design company is potential new customers who have had their old website hacked. Most say it was the website company’s fault for not securing the website enough and in some cases this... Read more »

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